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      We create compelling content that captivates audiences, inspires action and drives results.


      We're a creative video production agency that helps businesses & brands to achieve more with video. 

      Achieve your goals


      We believe video should deliver results. Our approach combines expertise & passion with a deep understanding of you and your audience to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act.

      Engage your audience


      Effective video is video that drives action. We create targeted strategies so your video content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the right channels.

      Build a video partnership


      We want to create collaborative relationships, not cut-throat 'business as usual'. We continually push ourselves to do better, and we challenge everyone we work with too.

      Trusted by world-famous brands

      Effective video comes in three parts.
      Our video production company does it all.


      A strategy is the backbone of any successful video production project. We'll craft you a video strategy with the right targeting, tactics and messaging to reach your goals.

      • Video strategy
      • Content planning
      • Campaign planning
      • Video brand guidelines


      Like a fine suit, we tailor-make video to your objectives. From solid research to the creative approach, from script to storyboard, we'll handle everything.

      • Storytelling
      • Creative ideas
      • Live action video production
      • Animation
      • Video templates



      Video is only successful if it's seen, but views are just the start. We'll distribute your video content to hit your targets and get the biggest bang for your budget.

      • Video distribution
      • Video advertising
      • timezones optimisation


      Our video production process

      You collaborate with us on the brief

      Set clear objectives
      & define success

      Research audience
      & market

      core messages

      Develop creative
      idea & story

      & storyboard

      Film, animate
      & edit


      We handle planning & production




      "Skeleton have become an extended part of our team. Time and time again we can call on them to deliver relevant videos that engage our people."

      Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications

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      "Great service, quick turnaround and professional input"

      Rachael Turner, Assistant Manager Colleague Engagement

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      Travis Perkins

      "The video has surpassed all our expectations and gone down really well with our customers."

      Ben Maiden, Senior Creative

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      Guides and tools


      Useful templates, checklists and guides to help you meet your goals with video.

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      Video production


      Ever wondered what goes into the video production process? Discover how we make great video, and how you can too.

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      Video marketing


      Inspiring examples, actionable advice, and trends to watch. Everything you need to know about effective video marketing in one place.

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      Video strategy

      What should you think about when planning your video content? We guide you through ROI, metrics and more.


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      Video Worth Sharing

      Our round-ups of the best videos to laugh at and learn from. And what makes them work so well.


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      Success stories

      Discover our previous video projects for clients like Experian and Boots, and gather fresh inspiration for your own.


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